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Building valuable Skills

Everybody is obsessed with building a career but nobody is focused on starting small. We live in a society that don’t value skills, because many people tend to focus more on the result rather than paying close attention to the process of achieving good result, which is building valuable skills. Skills like catering, fashion design, […]

Developing Effective Communication Skills

As entrepreneurs, communication skills are very important in our day to day business activities. The ways we establish positive relationship determine our success in business. Many people communicate but not everybody can communicate effectively. Effective communication is about getting your message across clearly and kindly, so that the recipient know just what you mean and […]

Enovate Lab Trains Women On Photography

A lot of people have smart phones but don’t know how to take good pictures with it, while many others have digital cameras but don’t know how to take sharp, clear and appealing pictures. We recently held three days photography training at The Lab. The training was conceived and sponsored by Fatima Fouad Hashim the […]

Letter To The Entrepreneur and Business Owner

 Dear entrepreneur Change is the only constant thing. Few years ago, an average young person goes to school, study hard and hope to graduate with a good grade so he can easily secure a great job. Business was a low life job of the unfortunate who could not afford to go to school. Over the […]

Digital Marketing For Businesses

Digital marketing on a large scale refers to advertising through digital channels such as search engine, websites, social media, Email and mobile app. Traditional marketing is no longer sufficient, so businesses are changing their plans of action into a digital one or amplifying existing marketing strategies with digital advertising technique. The numerous advantages of digital […]

Why Businesses Need A Professional Product Photography

The business of customer satisfaction has gotten more competitive with businesses using and applying different business strategies and techniques, in today’s market, the fight for the customer’s attention and ultimately his or her patronage have been the determining factor in survival of any business in Nigeria. An image they say speaks louder than words, therefore […]