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EnovateLab Impact Fellowship

In line with our vision of supporting social and economic innovations, we’ve opened calls for applications into our Impact Fellowship 2.0 at EnovateLab Foundation. This marks an exciting phase in our commitment to nurturing a generation of tech leaders who are not just skilled in cutting-edge technologies but are passionately dedicated to driving positive social change.

Our Impact Fellowship program is not your typical coding bootcamp; it’s a transformative journey that goes beyond technical skills. It’s a unique blend of empowering individuals with the tools of change-making through technology. In Cohort Two, we’re seeking aspiring developers, designers and product managers who are ready to embark on a journey that aligns their technical expertise with a deep understanding of societal impact.

Mr. Ahmed Idris, our visionary Executive Director, shares his excitement, stating, “EIF is more than a fellowship; it’s a movement. We’re empowering our fellows to be architects of positive change, infusing purpose into their technological pursuits. At EnovateLab, we believe in leveraging technology to address critical social challenges, and the Impact Fellowship is the embodiment of that belief.”

This innovative fellowship isn’t just about learning; it’s about creating a tangible impact. Guided by seasoned mentors, our fellows undertake projects designed to address pressing social issues. This is more than a training program; it’s an opportunity to be part of a movement that’s reshaping the narrative of technology. As we launch Cohort Two, we invite passionate individuals to join us on this journey, where technology meets purpose, and innovation transforms lives.

EnovateLab Impact Fellowship

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