Building valuable Skills

Everybody is obsessed with building a career but nobody is focused on starting small. We live in a society that don’t value skills, because many people tend to focus more on the result rather than paying close attention to the process of achieving good result, which is building valuable skills.

Skills like catering, fashion design, photography, make up, interior decoration etc. can add value to life. When such skills are developed efficiently, they begin to speak for themselves and your environment feels the impact. Many people want to get big more than they want to become good. But they tend to forget that life is in stages, it is very important to take one step at a time. Good things take time.

 At Enovate Lab we target startups and small businesses with the aim of taking them to the next level, we believe in empowering them to make impact both locally and globally. We also train individuals to identify and focus on small problems and then use the skills they develop to solve bigger challenges.

We understand that building great and valuable skills is quite demanding and takes time.  Yet do not give up trying, the more creative you are the more skillful and diverse you will be. Try to see things differently, develop better skills, build your skills, and be creative. As Richard Templar said, “Once you can do what no one else can do, you can pretty well name your price”.

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