The world of Virtual Reality is one that has been and is still shrouded in a plethora of misconceptions and misguided information. It has gone from living in the world of myth, to becoming a science fiction concept, and is now on a broad market of consumer devices.

This begs the million dollar question; what is Virtual Reality technology?

 Virtual Reality {VR} technology is a realistic three-dimensional environment or image that a human can perceive and interact with in realistic ways with the use of devices like VR Headsets and controllers. VR realism isn’t as advanced as we see in movies like Ready Player One (2018) but top VR industries can boast of having substantial levels of realism in their VR worlds.

VR is not to be confused with AR (Augmented Reality) which uses an overlay of the real world and adds Computer Generated Objects to it. The world of VR is a broad one and is fast dominating the way everything is done, so we encourage everyone to endeavor to know a thing or two about the intricacies of Virtual Reality.

At the Lab, we are focused on tapping into the immeasurable potentials of VR and we’re keen on supporting and encouraging VR related projects. We believe that this technology will be immensely useful in solving problems and redefining our approach to creating innovative solutions.