Letter To The Entrepreneur and Business Owner

 Dear entrepreneur

Change is the only constant thing. Few years ago, an average young person goes to school, study hard and hope to graduate with a good grade so he can easily secure a great job. Business was a low life job of the unfortunate who could not afford to go to school. Over the years, this has changed. Young people are now encouraged not to sit idly waiting for white collar jobs, rather they should learn a skill/trade and start something on their own. So many institutions and even the government are constantly giving grants to encourage more people starting on their own business. Therefore entrepreneurship is the new trend. Even young secondary leavers are venturing into it and are making great waves. As with every trend, whosoever is not an entrepreneur seem to be the odd one.

Dear entrepreneur, you are on the right path. Here are some little words I would leave with you as you continue on this great journey.

Always have the end in mind. Do not just venture into anything because that is what everyone is doing. Set a goal for yourself and business and draw up a plan on how you intend to achieve them. This way you can always measure your success and not get worn out trying to keep up with others.

Remember that failure does not mean an idea is not good or an idea will not work. It simply means there is a better way to do it. So when you experience failure or setbacks, learn the lesson and move on. Do not give up and do not become bitter.

Cooperation is the new competition. You will achieve more when you work with others in your field than you will when you work alone. The 21st century entrepreneur is not the man who does everything to pull other down. He is the man who seeks to empower others so that together they can achieve more.

You are in business to serve others and not just to enrich yourself. If you understand this, you will treat your customer with respect and stay innovative. By thinking of how best to serve your customer, you will remain innovative. This will give an edge in your chosen field.

Before I forget, remember that success is a process and not a destination. If you only aim to attain a particular position in life, you will be limiting yourself. Dream big, be open minded. Sometimes when a door open, it is not for you to stay in. it could only be a passage to the other side.  Therefore, never settle for less than you can achieve. You are more capable than you think.

There is so much to say, but the few can serve for now. Be positive; believe the best, expect the best. Be consistent ;little drops of water make a large ocean.

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  1. Salisu Ibrahim Fagge
    Salisu Ibrahim Fagge says:

    The message is clear. It set the ball rolling in an effort to end unemployment in the country. Good feat indeed.


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